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Artist Mikhail Siimes

Art activity of Mikhail Siimes adheres to the best traditions of ‘Mukhina’ Academy. The academic knowledge releases the imagination and in the process of becoming an artist helped shape an individual master plastic languages. He has got own theme, with own philosophy, and he is experimenting … Mikhail Siimes is a versatile artist, he is a painter and graphic artist, and sculptor; installation and design it’s also his creative elements too.

And in all of he is a master of the highest level. It is a wonderful gift, the ability to assimilate and transform what he saw in reality, and in the “body” of art by historical context – to refract and filter through their individual understanding of what is happening in the Context poetic images.

In painting he experiments with all the components, materials, techniques, themes. The sculptures of the artist, though not huge, but they can not be called as a small plastic, as in essence, on the expressiveness and power of influence – a monumental work.