Sketch knowledge is a way to reach ability to make Art

Child portraits by Olga Shinkareva

Graphical pictures by Olga Shinkareva

Olga Shinkareva painter

Primary development of aesthetic views and artistic taste of Olga Shinkareva was shaped by impressionists, such as Berthe Morisot, Edouard Manet, and Edgar Degas. In the presented works the artist shows interest in everyday events taking place around her. And, it would seem, these are ordinary ordinary scenes from life, but a special individual view of the artist is manifested in them. It turns out that everyday events have their charms and touching, you just need to be able to see and capture them. In many paintings of the artist, the main character and inspirer is the son. Of course she has other themes, or more generally, her vector of vision. She makes architectural sketches, landscapes, and portraits, and the whole thing is that this vector is “its special” … in all this there is something characteristic only for her, and therefore there is no need to compare Olga’s paintings with any other authors. It is important, and this is the most significant, that as an artist she goes on her own individual way. The artist uses a different plastic language to solve topics of different content. In graphic works, it is very concise, restrained, reduces the interpretation of the content to linearity. This is the result the numerous of sketches of the town, on the streets, in parks, cafes and subways. In the paintings of watercolor and oil, the ability to bring the work to the finished work, what is called a painting, is shown. Actually, she works with different materials, this is pastel and sanguine and coal and sauce … ink and pen … and a pen with bulk ink. This diversity in technology and distinguishes the content side of her work. She tries, experiments … and she pleases the sophisticated viewer with her pictures.