Creative way in the art. Graphical paintings

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Creative research director Armen Ronov – artist led him to art. Studying in Florence from a private artist art drawing and illustration, design and construction of artistic images, Ronov A. deeply understood the expressive graphics tools, contour lines, strokes, color spots, which forms an image of the contrast ratio or nuances.
Possibility concise, sharply pointed expression, and the ability to quickly respond to the synthesis of painting with cinematography became the key to unlocking the image in a Ronov’s work. The term applied Lionello Venturi – “absolute artistic value”, the brightness characteristics with an apology “absolute freedom of expression,” the artist will never lose its meaning and significance. This is not surprising. In thinking about the cinematography, art, history and modernity are increasingly appears “lyrical hero” – a creative self-identification of artist Armen Ronov, actively declaring his position.

Tonino Guerra, Pennabilli 2007

About painting, drawing, Armen Ronov. For the first time he saw some of his graphic works from the series “Phoenix”, with amazing free lines, woven in a dense openwork, I took these pictures of the preparatory material for the next film. But once Ronov, as once with a camera, he rushed up to me with his painting. And again … And again the shock – associations and comparisons. And again, implicitly, the names of pop genius masters of the brush, however, you catch yourself thinking that this is another – and you can not take his eyes off of his paintings. You can not take him either at the first viewing, or in a day, two, three. Ronova painting was born out of his own films. His paintings – a continuation of his movie. But if his films are laconic as to the length, the picturesque paintings break records temporary attraction to him. They are like a magnet, attract the eye of the beholder and disclosed as a bud, wider and wider, deeper and deeper, layer by layer, layer by layer. Henri Malraux stated: “The artist does not create the product, and opens it” ….
Way director and artist Armen Ronov, like his beloved archetype of the Phoenix, reborn from the ashes transformed and continues on its difficult path to the Truth.

Gregory Harutyunyan