Mission of artist – abstractionism of reality

Abstract paintings by Evgeny Lindin

Years of life (1960 – 2015, Moscow)

Lindin Evgeny artistCreative activity.

Evgeny Lindin does not need to pretender as an idiot or plays violent for that to look a modern artist. Basically he does not try to strive.
A question “to Be or to seem?” Lindin answers straight – “to Be” and now he is simply the artist. But you do not find him working at the garret studio in the old building on Sretensky boulevard. Most likely there is a club for meeting friends, sometimes it is a casino or bar. Therefore the canvases and graphic sheets growing with the speed of a bamboo grove, cause the perplexity, or good fairy sends him miraculous assistants? or Lindin has possessed magic of a sprain of internal time, as at one time when the Prophet had time visited the paradise, and could catch the pitcher overturned him before he went.
Only keep a bit longer glance at “as it seems” abstract works of Lindin, and borders start moving apart, these paintings about nothing , the sketches a little strange of a world
crammed in clearance between two days, there are not to penetrate the sharp glance of an arrow, more likely on the contrary – “sharp-eyed falcons” observe a life washed away by recognition. And this “sfumatto” can reach such density that becomes the coverlet wrapping reality. . It is a lot of names of this coverlet : Maja, Isiida, Illusion, Shekhin – ancient people had enough time to reflect above a nature of “illusion” and find methods to penetrate it.
Slow reflections have got to the past, but, fortunately, currently are present some artists, which never satisfied with “heard” and wrongly accepted as right seen.
At the feast of perception among numerous invited to watch, only they are exactly elected and enable ‘to see’.
And Evgeny Lindin, “due to ” myopias, closed to blindness, also invited to look, but among of the all he simply can not watch the wrapped world.
And most important, he does not seen what is behind of him, but tries also to translate it’s to comprehensible language, and then under his hand appears amazing primary world: immaterial buildings-spectres, spots of shortsighted eye-windows that greedy looking through velvet night… and suddenly begin to understand that all this is already has seen in some other temporary flow – probably, such settle in childhood memory night a not yet “knew” city.
Perhaps, like in the Lindin compositions existed the cities of micro-world…like in fine layer of the tear, covering cornea when at carefree time of Beginnings we could squinting on sun and come into their life, but now, in times of the Completions, watching on paintings of artist, open the door of hiding places of our memory, where lies dust as well of our private and lost garden.