Space Transformation of Berlin town

Art style of Leo Koenigsberg. New sensualism

Leo Königsberg künstler malerei

Since 6 year of age Leo Königsberg began to study Musik at the Mozartheum, Salzburg’s most famous conservatory. There are he studied violin, piano and singing. Later he studied art literatur at the university of the same city. He was a singer and actor at Salzburg’s Landestheater assistant with director Pierre’ Marietan, the famous composer and professor among others. During his work with new music at the Mozartheum he created an installation with 12 alphorns set up at various points in the city of Salzburg. Since 1991 he has lived and worked as an independent artist in Berlin. In the early 90s he foundet the Tiefenrausch Orchestra and was also a founder of the Tiefenrausch Ost artists group, with the participation of audio and visual artists, performers and dancers. Together with architekt Hans Schmidt he concieved the project of FActory-Berlin, a meeting point for artists from both Western and Eastern Europe, which is now a space for artists from all over the world to work together. Since 2002 he has been involved to develope the BATT.15 project for facilities for art in Berlin’s Oberschöneweide district.