Landscapes of nature paintings on canvas

artist from Saint-Petersburg – Dmitriy Jakutsenja

The childhood of Dmitriy Jakutsenja were in a small Belarusian village.
Since early years he loves to draw. From simple hobbies later it’s grew up to the need and necessity, which he did not even imagine himself.
In the early 80’s he came to Leningrad, and remains in this city … and learns professionally artistic craft. Engaged in art studios … with various venerable artists (for example, Vladimir Proshkin). Then he studies at the art faculty of the institute.
The artist Jakutsenja follows the traditions of the Wanderers, a phenomenon in the Russian painting of the late 19-th century.
He seeks the harmony of the world in a nature. In his paintings many remarkable places are depicted, this is valuable both in the artistic and historical aspects. Jakutsenja likes the impressionists, he is looking for in nature not only for accuracy and exact (this goes without saying), but he reveals the “spiritual” state of the depicted … painting is the language of narration, presentation of impressions of what he saw, emotional reflection …
He is indeed the real Wanderer of the 20-21st century.
The creative path of the artist Dmitriy Jakutsenja is comparable with his own paintings, bright and radiant.