Art stuff of painter Andrey Efi

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Main specialization – painting, drawing, syncretic art.
Member of Union of Artists Saint-Petersburg (Russia) since 1990.
Together with Andrei Kolkutin (Naltchik) and Evgeny Lindin (Moscow) he founded the art group “Foster brothers”. Since the midle of 90-es of the last century he has been relevant (conceptual) art. He writes script and shoots movie.
Author of theoretical investigation: Theory of ‘Abstro-Gen’- “PAINTING – Writing (origins of interference)”, (in russian language), Moscow 1993.
Participated in more than 100 domestic and foreign exhibitions and artistic events.

His paintings (monotypes) are in the State Russian Museum, as well as in private collections in Australia, England, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA, Switzerland, Sweden …

It can be both easy and difficult to depict the art works of Andrey Efi.
One can see that his works are filled with elements that may not be comprehensible at first, as if they were hidden behind an intellectual shield.
One should view his pictures several times to comprehend the aesthetics; only after that, the richness of the Elements- Signs and the narration history will reveal themselves.

On the other hand, his paintings perceive visually simply, they come “into” perception of spectator by the sense-emotional level, that predispose by the light, pastel colores basicly uses by the artist. An important factor of ‘hidden’ impacts is a multi-layer method of paint, inclusions in the layers of picture – fabric, hair, stones, etc.

Obviously, the artistic language of painter based on the ‘trans media’ line between the geometry of signs and literature.
The artist selects from a diversity of aesthetic and cultural systems (separated by time and space), the basic universal elements that he calls “Abstrogenes”, and creates from them a new meaningful world.

In fact the creativity of Andrey Efi brings a phenomena in modern art, he goes ahead of time and as often happened in such cases – people do not accept ‘obvious things’.

Some art experts refer creativity of the artist to so-called Intellectual Symbolism, the painter calls his stuff as a ‘Sign Creation Art’.
The fine art expert Boris Asvarisch (in the beginning of 90-es) was precise about method and works of Andrey Efi.
“The artist does not paint abstract compositions. But he reduces the profound world of his painting to a Sign, the meaning of which is clear to him, and is to be revealed to his audience. Sometimes his images are evoked by memories of childhood and by spontaneous perception of life. More often they are the result of accumulated experience, but these sings are always connected to humanist values, comprehensive and close to all people.
“The sense of art for me”, explains the painter, ” is to bind together the revelations of great masters of the past as Leonardo, Durer, El Greco – and the discoveries of the great reformers of the 20-th century”.

In the artistic work of Andrey Efi some paintings can be singled out as close to abstractionism, or some close to figurative art but that definition would be voluntary and subjective. Abstract forms take the form of animated substances, and images are of a generalized conditional character. That’s why the artist’s paintings are never fully abstract. Even if we cannot make any parallels to reality there is still the impression of space and movement full of life and purpose.”

Reviews for his paintings are diverse; they do not leave anyone indifferent.