Art Activity of Bing Yang, the painter from New York

Contemporary abstractions in Saint-Petersburg

Bing Yang appeared in the space of Saint-Petersburg from somewhere ‘above the flying clouds’. This feature of him is manifested as an artistic character in any space and time. And he creates a creative field, he generates the energy of art, and the clouds fade away. He grew up in Taiwan. In his early school years, his best friends were ink and brush, he was engaged in calligraphy for five years. He did exhibitions in Taiwan of traditional Chinese paintings. After many years of successful career in business in New York, he now works as an artist, photographer and writer. Previously, he owned and ran a business, which also helped him to support his artistic interests. His sense of creativity led him to several artistic inspirations, including the design of three restaurants. As an actor, he appeared on stage, in movies and in commercial TV. Bing is a talented artist, his abstract paintings are full of passions and emotions, you will find in them something for you, some all-pervasive affinity of his paintings.