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About gallery

Artefi gallery implements highly artistic works of contemporary artists. The main objective of the gallery is really a demonstration of the works of art, but not just a row of everything, like it goes on the majority of Internet resources, including such monsters like the Saatchi Gallery or Artspace.

We carefully select the individual authors with a unique language and handwriting. All of them artistic personality with own charisma, nor like anyone else, and every one of them is valuable for its originality and uniqueness, which is highly valuable in the artistic sense, and in the material too.

Basically they are the masters with good biography (smart background), whose works are exhibited in major art exhibitions, auctions, sold at a good private collection. Their works are in the museum collections. This you will learn referring to activity of artists.

Road open and promising to young authors, we are ready to represent and present them too, the criteria for all the same - just create art, then our collaboration will be fruitful.