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Modern art gallery of contemporary Artists - Artefi

The Artefi  gallery sales the works of contemporary authors. They are embody their artistic activity in painting, graphic, sculpture, photography, decorative and applied arts, restorers.

For your taste and choice you can buy the works of talented Russian and foreign artists working in different techniques and artistic directions. Here is presented practically all areas and directions - painting (oil painting and painted with acrylic), a wide range of graphic works in various techniques - watercolor, pastel, sanguine, etchings, collage, monotype. Sculpture, small plastic. Jewelry items of author's technique.

We have a lot of pieces by authors who promote modern conceptual art. But there is a good realistic painting in our collection too.

You can make an order for execution of the work of art on your own idea - portrait, landscape, still life, painting to photography, sculpture, design decision of furniture or interior restoration of old paintings. Artists can make a copy of any work of art, of any complexity - from antiquity to the present day.

Artefi Gallery offers the viewer's attention is really a work of original authors, different from 'mainstream', the fact that these artists come their own way in the art, and have already proven their skills and talents, so that their works are in museums and private collections. Such authors always have his own handwriting, its own unique 'artistic vision' inherent in him alone.

Exactly on it such artists have a real artistic value. And the purchase of such goods is already a profitable investment, as over the times the prices will only grow. Certainly  the market price of such works is always several times higher instead of handicrafts sold in the pseudo-galleries (as in bakery stores).

In the antiques category offered the works of authors are in a demand on the art market, with a good reputation as a master of art.

In the our gallery You will find what you need. If you decide to buy  painting or other artistic stuff, just phone us or write an e-mail.




70 x70 cm, oil on canv.,  2013, painter Mikhail Si..




31 x 23 cm, paper Arches (white, 300 gr.) mixed media & ..


Moses and his people

Moses and his people

110 х 75 cm., oil on canvas, + pasted fabrics (collage), 201..


Celestial Birds

Celestial Birds

110 х 70 cm,  oil on canvas, 2010 -  painted ..