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Implant Identification


Preat offers four easy ways to identify an existing implant.

Have a patient but no record to identify their current implant?

We receive between 40 to 50 implant IDs per day — we will figure it out for you!

Choose a method below and we’ll get back to you via email within 30 minutes (if submitted during

business hours). Our technicians are implant wizards!


Submit via the Preat App.


Download and install our app, then submit a digital image of an X-ray. We’ll identify the implant and suggest tools and products you can order to help complete the job.


Contact us through email.


Attach a photo of the implant X-ray to an email, then send it to
We will quickly identify it and respond with our findings and suggested products that will work with the implant.


Chat with a representative.


Upload your X-ray image of the implant in question directly through our live chat interface and speak with a dedicated implant representative. You’ll love the quick response!

Submit your request through the web form here.

Upload a digital image of the implant in question below, we’ll identify it and send you information, tools, and products to use with it. We’ll get back to you shortly!